2021 – year in review

Ralph J. Smit Laravel Software Engineer

The year 2022 has just started, so it's a good moment to reflect on the previous year. I look thankfully back at 2021, because I have grown a lot in terms of personal development. Below are a few highlights of the previous year.

Got my first freelance job

In 2021 I started freelancing as a Laravel-developer. I'm happy that there was much demand, so that I was almost always fully booked. Freelancing has allowed me to work with multiple clients and experience multiple Laravel projects.

Getting full-time into Laravel

2021 was also the year that I devoted a lot of time to learning Laravel. I'm happy that this has paid off. I absolutely love developing with Laravel and I can't imagine any other way. But perhaps I'll need to try out other frameworks as well :)

Growing my blog

In 2021 my personal blog grew from barely anything to 12K/m. I published ~50 posts in a single year and I slowly saw traffic picking up. In 2022 my goal is to get to the milestone of 30K/m.

I also intend to redesign my blog in 2022 and expand with more topics. Think of adding a directory with community Laravel-packages or just sharing handy and short code snippets.

Currently the blog is on WordPress, so that's not very suitable. I'm looking to port it over to Laravel.

Launching my first Laravel package

Another milestone (at least for me) was publishing my first Laravel Package. It is a package to enable running Laravel Horizon on shared hosting instances or other forms of hosting where you don't have the option of installing Supervisor.

Goals for 2022

I'm really thankful for 2021 and I'm looking forward to 2022. I want to publish more Laravel packages, launch a SaaS business (or multiple, just to see what works and what doesn't). I want to be more active in the Laravel-community and continue to learn daily. Off to a hopefully great 2022!

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